Analysis of the Scenario "Treatment under Pressure"

noun-attention-4961796 Spoiler Alert — This page provides an analysis of the scenario. It shall help players or educators who have found an own approach to the scenario's problem and now want to compare it to a broader picture. It should not be read before playing the scenario.

Reference solution

Info This section repeats the proposed solution provided with the game (i.e. on the game cards).

Moral Questions

  1. Is it ethically justifiable to help develop a
treatment for the enemy special forces?
  2. Is it ethical not to help soldiers suffering
from withdrawal symptoms?

Final Actions


  • It is ethically unacceptable to deny treatment to enemy soldiers, regardless of the circumstances. One should at least try to alleviate their suffering and prevent further damage to their health.

Maybe allowed

  • It may be ethically permissible to assist in the development of a treatment plan to cure withdrawal symptoms.
  • It may be ethically permissible to treat suffering Special Forces soldiers without disclosing the exact treatment to avoid misuse of medical information.
  • It may be ethically permissible to make a deal to secure the release of a prisoner. When it involves the suffering of a potentially large number of other people, it is questionable.


  • It is ethically permissible to relieve the pain of soldiers suffering from withdrawal symptoms, if possible.
  • It is ethically permissible to consider one's own safety and well-being, as well as that of the captured soldiers, and to avoid further risks.

Further reflections

Info This section provides further reflections on aspects of the problem that are not discussed in the short solution provided with the game. This shall help players to think further or to understand how their own solutions fit within a larger picture.

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