"Treatment under Pressure"

Treat and help the other side to safe yourself?


The scenario Document

  • A leading pharmacological expert on your side, her superior officer, and an allied soldier are taken hostage by enemy forces and taken to a remote high-tech medical facility.
  • There they discover that enemy Special Forces have been enrolled in an experimental medical enhancement program that gives them a significant operational advantage over your troops.
  • The Special Forces soldiers suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms due to repeated ingestion of the experimental pharmacological substances. The enemy commander asks the pharmacology expert for help in developing a treatment.
  • During her initial examination of the Special Forces soldiers, the pharmacology expert discovers that some members of the Special Forces find the entire enhancement procedure distressing and are seriously concerned that further enhancement procedures will affect their physiological and psychological well-being.
  • If the pharmacology expert helps to successfully treat the withdrawal symptoms, the enemy force will likely use this knowledge to apply enhancement procedures to other of their soldiers, perhaps in greater numbers.
  • However, if the pharmacological expert is able to successfully treat the withdrawal symptoms, all three soldiers will be able to use the enhancement procedures.

Source: This scenario is inspired by a famous Deep Space 9 episode https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath_(episode)

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