"The decision point"

Short-term and long-term effects of a decision


The scenario Document

  • A military physician with great expertise in the field of troop mental health is offered a valuable opportunity to pursue a challenging specialization at a prestigious national military medical institution, where she is later expected to assume an important leadership role.
  • Her peers at the same national institution are encouraging her to take on this role, relying on her expertise to spearhead critical structural improvements in military health education that will ensure a significant increase in the practical skills of military health practitioners.
  • Importantly, the opportunity for this specialization fellowship is only available for a short period of time, and the decision must be made soon. If it is missed, another opportunity may not come soon, if ever.
  • However, the doctor is unsure of her decision because she is currently making great progress in providing a novel mental health treatment to a group of military patients, the outcome of which depends on her expertise and the trust she has built. The patients are expected to make a full recovery in a year, after which the novel treatment will be validated for use with other patients-a great benefit to military health care and the culmination of her research efforts to date.

Source: Game designers.

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