"Return to Duty"

Recovery time or back to mission


The scenario Document

  • A soldier on patrolling duties suffers injuries from the explosion of an improvised explosive device. Injuries include closed-head injury resulting in loss of consciousness.
  • After six weeks of treatment, the soldier is medically stable and functional, though he continues to complain of fatigue, disturbed sleep, and daily headaches. From a medical perspective it is likely that he would be at higher risk for more severe impairment and PTSD if he were to suffer another similar explosion resulting in further traumatic brain injury.
  • The chain of command expresses the strong need for the soldier’s expertise and experience, as soldiers with his level of experience are desperately needed for upcoming missions and personnel is short.

Source: IOM (Institute of Medicine). 2009. Military medical ethics: Issues regarding dual loyalties: Workshop summary. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Page 8. Link

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