"Mandatory Vaccination"

Vaccination against the will but for good reasons?


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  • Fearing that their troops might be exposed to the Phantrax virus, which could be used by the enemy as a biological weapon, the command has decided to make vaccination against the virus mandatory for all service members. However, the vaccine is still experimental and not approved for general use.
  • One soldier says he experienced subtle "intimidation" and even direct "threats" from his Army superiors, some of which included the possibility of forced vaccination, after refusing the mandatory vaccination.
  • According to Doe, the military gave him an ultimatum: either begin the required six-vaccine series or face military punishment/disciplinary action, including discharge. He was given 24 hours to decide.
  • After several hours of personal research into the vaccine and its history of causing serious adverse reactions, the soldier concluded that the vaccine's side effects were far too dangerous and that the vaccine "should probably still be in a lab for further testing. Thus, he refuses to accept inoculation with the Phantrax vaccine, even though he does not wish to leave the army.

Source: Game designers. Inspired by Sidel, V. W. and B. S. Levy (2003). Physician-Soldier: A moral dilemma? In: T. E. Beam and L. R. Sparacino (eds). Military Medical Ethics. Vol 1. Washington: 293-329, here p. 297ff. https://scenarios.militarymedicalethics.ch/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=76

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