"At the cost of personality"

Individual well-being vs security and needs of a nation


The scenario Document

  • An intelligence officer was exposed to a nerve agent during her last mission. She has been stabilized and is in an induced coma, but her recovery is expected to take several months.
  • The agent has knowledge of a top-secret enemy biological weapon that she acquired during her last mission, but has not yet been able to share it with others.
  • In order to prevent the patient's health from deteriorating and to expedite the process of obtaining the information about the biological weapon, the command is considering using an experimental drug treatment that would cure the patient within two weeks. However, the experimental treatment carries the risk of permanent personality change as a known unwanted side effect.
  • The treatment is classified top secret, and the command will ensure that the intelligence officer receives the best possible medical care after the operation, including appropriate financial support. In addition, no information about the procedure will be released to the public.

Source: Game designers.

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