A big thank you to the following people and institutions

Game design: Tomislav Furlanis, Daniel Messelken
Ilustrations: Suzana Ravaršan @riondaart
Additional icons:
Acknowledgements: We would like to thank a number of people who contributed to the idea of this game and during early development. Our colleagues Bernhard Koch, Cord von Einem, and David Winkler supported the idea of this serious moral game from the beginning and helped with early playtesting as well as feedback. Daniel's co-workers at the Center for Ethics of Zurich University provided valuable and constructive feedback on philosophical aspects.
A special and sincere thank you goes to all of our playtesters, the MME course attendees, and the members of the board game community RiRoll Rijeka.

Funding: The development and production of this training material has been supported by the Centre of Competence for Military and Disaster Medicine, Swiss Armed Forces, Bern, Switzerland.

Project lead: This project was led by the Zurich Center for Military Medical Ethics at the Center for Ethics of Zurich University. uzh_logo_e_pos_web_assoc_zone